Are you Driving a Death Trap?!

 A recent study by AGRSS ( Auto Glass Safety Council) showed that as many as 85% of Windshield Replacements are done incorrectly! This happens because there are no Federal Laws controlling the quality of work performed by the Auto Glass Technicians. The fact is anyone I mean ANYONE can put a magnetic sign and slap it on their truck and become an Auto Glass Professional. All you would need is a business license from your city and state. Is this scary..? With out a doubt it is! Having a proper Windshield installation is just as import as having your Breaks installed correctly. What most people dont know is the Windshield is design to withstand the impact of Air Bags, thus keeping the Airbags inside the vehicle if an accident happens and keeping your face off the dash! The Windshield is also a part of the structural support of the vehicle if it was to be in a roll over accident. Yes, it is very scary to know as many as 85% of Windshield are replaced incorrectly. So if the Windshield is installed incorrectly, you might just find yourself thrown from the vehicle. Statistically, the best place to be during an accident is in your car. If you're thrown out of the car, you're 25 times more likely to die.

The question know is how do i know who to use. There are several things you can look for. You can start by asking questions. Questions like- Do your Tech's go threw any kind of training to be doing this? What certifications do you hold? How long have you been installing Auto Glass? What types of adhesives do you use?

You are looking for a company that has standards and certification programs. For example at Knight Auto Glass our technicians must be Dow Certified. A Dow Certification means that the Technician has taken a test provided by Dow Adhesive to prove that the Technician endeed knows what he is doing. He must know what Urethane to use for the correct Drive time. How fast the Urethane will cure in different temperatures and humidity levels. What primers are to be used in different situations and so forth. You might also look for a company that is part of ARGSS the Auto Glass Safety Council. Knight Auto Glass is in the process of becoming a member. This means we will hold ourselves to an even higher standard of safety then other shops.

Ok so you get the idea that you should do some research before you higher an Auto Glass company to come replace your Windshield. Good because your safety is the most important thing.