A better Chip Repair

    Yesterday I did a Chip Repair for a very nice lady. We went out to her car to take a look at the Rock Chip in her Windshield.  She pointed out the Chip that she needed fixed. As I always do I did a once over of her Windshield and noticed right away two other Rock Chips. Taking a closer look I could tell that someone had already tried to Repair them. They looked bad. Probably worse then they did before the Repair and she said as much. She was very unhappy with them, so when I told her that the one I repaired would disappear she was shocked. Below is a picture of one of the Rock Chips that was “Repaired” by the other shop.  You will notice they drilled into the Windshield in order to fill the Rock Chip. This is necessary on occasion and isn’t bad. But what the Tech failed to do was seal the Chip Repair with a Pit Filler. Pit Filler is a reason applied to the surface of the Windshield to seal off the Chip Repair. It also helps to make the Repair nearly invisible.

Chip Repair by an "Oil service" Station 

Chip Repair performed by Knight Auto Glass

   Above is a picture of the Chip Repair performed by Knight Auto Glass. As you can see it has all but vanished. So much so that you would have to really look for it to find it. There are so many people out there trying to make a quick buck by doing Rock Chip Repair. Most of them just want you to make a claim and get you out. Remember when getting any Auto Glass done on your Vehicle, take it to an “Auto Glass” company. Better yet let Knight Auto Glass do it! It just doesn’t make since to have a Tire guy, oil guy or body shop performing Rock Chip Repairs or Auto Glass work. It’s not their field of work. Stick to the professionals and you will get better work done faster and right the first time! Think of it this way, would you have your pizza guy do a Chip Repair on your car when he delivered your dinner? NO Then why would you let a Tire guy or such work on your Windshield? 

As a last point we want to make it clear that we get our Oil Changed and our Tires serviced too. We are thankful for the service these great companies provide! We just think it’s important to keep to what you do best! For us that’s Auto Glass Repair and Replacement! Thanks for reading and please call us if you would like to learn more about the Chip Repair process. 435-414-1776. You can get a free quote here!