Whoops....there goes my Window

Semi SideGlass Repair

Broken Semi Window

I received a call today from a Big T Trucking out of Salt Lake. He had just bought a New Truck and was out on his first run. After Trucking for hours it was time for a rest. So he jumped up in his bunk and proceded to open the windows to let in a little air. The passenger side window was a vent that opened a little but the driver side window was not. So when he pushed on it, it fell off!!

Whats amazing is it didn't break! It fell over 10 feet onto rocks and gravel. He couldn't believe his luck. Long story short he found Knight Auto Glass on Google and gave us a call. When we arrived it was easy to tell that whoever installed the glass before had failed to Prime the glass and the frame. So when he pushed on the window the Urethane wasn't properly bonded and came loss. In my Last post I talked about how important it is to always use the Proper Primer when installing Auto Glass. If this had been a Windshield in a Car Imagine how easy the Windshield would have came out. Well we got him all fixed up and on the road again. Remember you can always call Knight Auto Glass for all your Auto Glass needs. From a small car to the Big Semi-Trucks we can handle it all! Call us today (435) 414-1776

Repaired Semi Window